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Friday, 29 June 2012

My runs were for Toilet Twinning...

Toilet Twinning asked marathon runner and blogger 'Ready to Run' to guest blog: 

So here's the thing: I decided to enter a marathon just over six months ago, blogging about anything that tickled my fancy along the way. All those phrases about having the runs and running to the loo kept popping into my mind, as I was bursting every time I got to my front door following a run!
It seemed apt to introduce Toilet Twinning to my friends, colleagues and family. And, on a serious note, the venture does fantastic work to bring sanitation to those who need it; introducing the issues on its website in a fun, engaging way.

If you want to raise money, writing a blog as you go will attract people’s attention, and advertise your charity too. I found just posting a link to Toilet Twinning was enough to get people engaged, and then giving. Having a Virgin Money Giving page meant that I didn’t directly need to ask people to donate.

As it stands with gift aid, I have raised close on £700 which is enough for almost 12 toilet twins!   Consider using a pseudonym for your blog. I decided to use song lyrics and film titles to give my blog, Ready to Run, an identity of its own: https://sites.google.com/site/phoebestewart1965/

 Here are some extracts from my blog:

The Boys are back in Town 22/12/12 Thin Lizzy 1976

Well I ran near midnight for this short run with two of my four sons, number one and number three.  I wonder if the second son is fed up getting referred to as a no 2 !  … the boys danced, ran backwards, sideways and all-sorts in order to keep to my slow pace. I completed the run in my fastest time so it looks like their antics paid off.

Wind beneath my Wings 1/1/12

This Bette Midler song was played on the radio as I ran my LONG run of eight miles along the coast on New Year's Day.  Maybe it was the endorphins, but as I ran and listened I began to pick up pace and sung these lyrics out loud. I was singing to myself!  I was my own hero; my self esteem had gone sky high … people moved out of my way as I passed, other runners gave me that “You go girl” look. It felt great, the weather changed, the rain, wind and waves came, I loved it, another 'first' and on New Year's Day.

Dog days are over 13/2/12 Florence and the Machine

…Run for your mother
Run fast for your father…

Well today saw me run to my home town, very nostalgic, I ran past my parents' home, though they are no longer there... Lots of memories came to the fore, two hours and 50 minutes worth! It was 12 miles, me running 12 miles, me running to my home town, ME, ME. It was ME.
Run Forrest Run -  eve of Marathon 6/5/12

The clip from Forrest Gump when he starts to run really resonated with me when I watched it today … before I started running it was just another movie clip. I had thought of running a marathon when I turned 40. However, a few difficult things had happened along the way so I never got round to it.  

But then like Forrest “I decided to go for a little run...”


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