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Friday, 19 October 2012

Curry, cawl and mummies

Curry is known to provoke a flushing-out of some people’s inner tubes. So naturally it was dish of the day – along with a Welsh cawl (soup) – at the Maesteg Christian Centre’s recent Toilet Twinning fundraiser. 

But not to worry: there was plenty of toilet tissue at hand, and even a toilet (although apparently it was there to collect the cash donations).

On the throne for the night was champion toilet twinner, Gweirydd Williams, from Bridgend, South Wales. He had lined up a quiz for guests, including a real stinker of a question: ‘How much poo can a human body hold?’  (Answer: up to 25 pounds).

The loo paper gave the young people an excuse to play the Egyptian mummy game, and a total of £500 was literally thrown down the (unplumbed) toilet.

Gweirydd is an environmental health officer, so he knows a thing or two about the importance of having a safe and hygienic place to go to the loo. He’s already fundraised to twin 34 toilets, and the Maesteg event’s success brings the total up by a further nine! Thank you Gweirydd and the people of Maesteg. 

[See the blog below: ‘Champion twinner Gweirydd Williams talks to Toilet Twinning’ for more information on Gweirydd’s fundraising activities.]