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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Loved up loos: Toilet Twinning moves into matchmaking this Valentine’s

Is your toilet down in the dumps this Valentine’s? A loo-ser in love?

Tell us why your loo deserves to be with one of our loo-nely latrines, and if your proposition is the best you'll be twinned with your chosen partner - for free.

Add your propositions as comments underneath, remembering to include the number of the latrine your loo would like to twinned with!

Let us turn this:

Into this:

If your toilet is not currently engaged, we could have the perfect partner in one of these lovely loos:

Latrine number 1

From: DRC
The stern exterior can’t fool us; with a door that can be locked from the outside this the latrine enjoys practical jokes
Loves: Days spent lazing in the sunshine
Hates: Snakes and spiders
Favourite love song: I’ll Stand by Loo, The Pretenders

Latrine number 2

From: DRC
This attractive and well-built latrine pays great attention to detail (note the smartly designed ventilation hole) but knows that looks aren’t everything
Loves: The noise of rain on a tin roof
Hates: Lemon-scented air freshener
Favourite love song: Your Lav is King, Sade 

Latrine number 3

From: Burundi
Shunned in the past for its non-traditional look, this latrine refuses to conform
Loves: Accessorising (especially with bamboo)
Hates: That boring brick look
Favourite love song: Love is a Loo-sing Game, Amy Winehouse

Latrine number 4

From: Burundi
The tousled hair-do hides a stable and dependable latrine that just wants to make someone feel safe and special
Loves: People who sing or whistle in the toilet
Hates: Bad hair days
Favourite love song: I Want to Wash Your Hand, The Beatles

Latrine number 5 

From: Burundi
This latrine likes its privacy and spending one-to-one time with loved ones
Loves: Crafts, patchwork and interior design
Hates: Flies and mosquitoes
Favourite love song: How Deep is Your Lav, The Bee Gees

Let us know why your humble bog would be a match for any of these loos and your toilet
could soon be:


On Valentine's Day each of these latrines will choose the best proposition - and become a lifetime twin! 

Add your proposition below, remembering to include the number of the latrine you like the look of!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Love through a loo roll

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a home-made gift, even one made out of old toilet paper tubes. Here are our top 10 loved up loo rolls.

Disclaimer: some of these may be more suited to an activity with your children than a present for your other half, like this cute cupid.
Valentine’s Day seems to have taken on some Christmas traditions for the home with this heart-motif wreath…
 … and Valentine’s tree decorations (you might notice these are made of paper and not strictly speaking toilet roll, but the principles could easily be adapted).
If you’re going to have a Valentine’s tree, you may as well go the whole hog and create a banner...
… table centrepiece …
… or suncatchers for outside.
Jewellery is a bog standard Valentine’s Day present and these necklaces will especially appeal to children, who are sure to love making, wearing and giving them.

Make giving chocolates more personal with these decorative holders.
For more skilled committed crafters who really want that personalised touch, turn an old toilet roll tube into a gift tag or pull out card.
You can buy this example from etsy.com or have a look here for a guide on how to make your own.

Finally, for the true romantic there’s this mini album – the perfect place to keep your Valentine’s memories.