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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Canals, crafts and toilets (of course!)

At Toilet Twinning we have a certain fascination with all things lavatorial and we’re always pleased to hear from anyone else with similar … err … interests.

According to Kate Saffin, a member of Thrupp Canal Cruising Club, boaters share something of our preoccupation with toilets and can discuss them endlessly! It seems that boaters, like many people in developing countries, don’t take their loos for granted.

Based on the South Oxford Canal, this boat club manages a stretch of moorings around the picturesque hamlet of Thrupp. As well as looking after the waterways, the club organises social events and supports a variety of charities, which this year included Toilet Twinning.

The club is twinning a British Waterways service point with a latrine in Burundi. The service point allows boaters to dispose of sewage and refuse, as well as refill their clean water tank. It has recently been refurbished, transforming from a basic brick hole into a tiled installation complete with flush.

Thrupp Canal Cruising Club had a rather sophisticated and creative way of commemorating their new twin – toilet-shaped centrepieces at their annual dinner.

We absolutely love these displays! They were painstakingly created by Jane, who has kindly shared how she made them, allowing you to make your own.

First, select your container, this will form the bowl of your toilet. We’re not able to disclose any brands but after much research and dessert eating, Jane found some lemon cheesecake puddings that come in just the right shaped pot. (These desserts, while tasty, will forever be known as ‘toilet puddings’ in certain circles.)

Use card to create the cistern, before covering with papier-mâché.

Paint your toilets, before adding a flush handle made from matches and foil.

For branding, the Toilet Twinning logo can be glued to the back of the cistern

Finally, add flowers and a candle to finish off your centrepiece.

Many thanks to everyone at the Thrupp Canal Cruising Club for your support!