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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Thank you letter straight from our heart

Here at Toilet Twinning we’ve got lots to be thankful for, and it’s all down to you, our supporters.  So instead of writing a letter to Santa at the North Pole, we’re putting a virtual pen to paper to say a resounding 'Thank You' to you all.

Letters in the post: US Christmas postage stamp depicting a mail box, issued on 21 October 1977
Back in November, we set out to encourage 50 generous people to twin their toilets on World Toilet Day, 19 November.  Not only did you smash this record for us by about half way through the day, but by midnight we’d received 96 twinning requests!  

Generous gifts: Faroese stamp illustrating a traditional Christmas counting song. The gifts include: one feather, two geese, three sides of meat, four sheep, five cows, six oxen, seven dishes, eight ponies, nine banners and ten barrels
This month, generosity has overtaken you once again.  Twins to date are more than 30% up on the same period last year.  That’s a huge increase at a time when we know many people are planning a relatively frugal Christmas.

What's in the toe of the stocking? Christmas stamp issued by South Korea, 1960
In fact you are now not far short of having twinned 20,000 toilets (we’re expecting to be able to make that announcement next month), which is a brilliant result when you consider it was only July when you passed the 15,000 milestone.  

Like an Angel: Two Christmas stamps from Ukraine, with a Kiev postmark
Don’t forget you can still twin toilets for last-minute presents, by downloading a voucher.  The framed certificates will follow in the post.  

Presenting gifts: Postage stamp issued by Latvia in 1992 depicting the Christmas nativity: The Wise Men visit Jesus
But in the meantime, feel pleased with yourselves, and THANK YOU!