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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Trendy Toilets from Oxspring Primary School

Congratulations to all the pupils at Oxspring Primary School in Sheffield who took part in Toilet Twinning's competition for World Water Day!

Having twinned their toilet earlier in the year, last month pupils took up a new challenge – to make sanitation stylish. To mark World Water Day (22 March) the students, aged five to eleven, designed loo seats in a competition to make the most beautiful bog.

(Abbie, 10 - Alisha, 9 - Amelia, 6)

Here at Toilet Twinning, we were very excited to receive a selection of the finest designs. The results would certainly brighten up any bathroom!

(Beth, 11 - Georgia, 7 - Kaylie, 6)

A huge amount of time and effort has clearly been put into making these fantastic designs. It’s great to see the different themes that have been used and the creativity involved.

(Laura, 9 - Lucy, 5)

Why not take up the challenge and see how Toilet Twinning can inspire a transformation of the humble loo seat. Contact us for more information.

Head over to our Facebook page to view the album and comment on these lovely loos!

(Millie, 11- Ronnie, 7 - William, 11)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Getting Crafty for Mother's Day

We are in love with this quick, cheap and adorable craft gift for Mother's Day courtesy of Inky Fingers, such a great idea!

They use only three empty toilet paper rolls to create this cute Mother's Day mini scrapbook album. Use photos of you and your mum together, add some captions and decorations, et voila! How very Blue Peter.

We hope there isn't an age cap for doing this, it looks fun! Not to mention good old reuse and recycle!