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Friday, 22 June 2012

Eight pit latrines twinned from one man’s moustache!

A Bristolian moustache has been shaved off at auction to provide no less than eight toilets. What fab facial follicles to produce such a result! 

We can’t now see whether the moustache in question was waxed and twiddled, a Dali curve or a bit of a bushy nostril warmer, so perhaps Steve Wilmhurst, our newly-bare donor, could pick out his style from the chart below and let us know:

 Credit: MOUSTACHE by yana segal

Whatever it was (and RIP) it has been used to bring transformation in some of the poorest communities across the globe.  

But that’s not all. Steve’s friends from the youth group at Kensington Baptist Church in Easton, Bristol, under the leadership of Rebekah Rice, got together for a dinner and auction that raised over £2,000, including the moustache money – so all in all that’s enough for 30 toilets in Burundi!

Organiser Rebekah said: 

‘We had a wonderful evening.  It was great fun, and we even had someone there from the BBC, who interviewed some of our youth group! Everyone was so, so generous and we raised over £2,000.’  

Relief and development charity Tearfund (who run Toilet Twinning in partnership with peacebuilding agency Cord) sent their Volunteer Manager for the South West, John Archer, to talk about the twinning scheme.  

He said 'it was a brilliant night with over 50 auction lots, and dancers who would have done well on Britain’s Got Talent.  Best of all, it’s provided toilets for as many people in Burundi as attend Bristol’s Kensington Baptist Church.'

Toilet Twinning thinks that’s a top result!  Thank you Kensington youth group.

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  1. A moustache????? They sold it, right...Not including a man I hope.....:)