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Thursday, 16 June 2011

No. 2 gifts for No. 1 dads

I don’t know about you but I find that fathers are particularly tricky to buy presents for. If your dad’s anything like mine then if he needs something, he’s gone out and got it already.

With this in mind, at Toilet Twinning we’ve done a little bit of research into unusual gifts for the man who has everything. No prizes for guessing the theme!

Our recent poll highlighted the controversial issue of toilet paper orientation, so where better to start than novelty toilet roll. There’s a good line out there in special toilet paper, whether you want to share a heartfelt message …
(thanks to www.buzzfeed.com)

… make night-time toilet trips easier with glow in the dark loo roll …

… or simply give your dad the opportunity to show that men CAN multitask, given the right environment.
Or what about the LavNav – a handy little gadget that’s essentially a night light for your bathroom. Not only does it mean you don’t have to turn the light on, there’s also an in-built toilet seat up/down indicator.

If you’re looking for something less practical and more for a practical joker, there is the inspired talking toilet roll dispenser. You can record your own message or jingle, which will play whenever someone takes any loo roll.
(A word of caution – some time ago my friends had a musical toilet roll holder. While undisputedly high on amusement and originality, their downstairs neighbours did complain about the noise. True story.)

For the more altruistic dad, there’s no need to have read all this – just twin your dad’s loo and tick Father’s Day off your to do list.

So go on, show your dads how much you love them!

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