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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Festival Loos: A Survival Guide

As Glastonbury kicks off today, festival season is in full swing – bring on the wellies and hot pants!

The line-ups, the food, the rain – it’s all part of the fun. But by far the biggest fear for most people will be….dum dum DUM….the loos.

(Photo credit: www.telegraph.co.uk)

It can be a pretty grim experience, and may well put you off eating and drinking for the rest of your time there, but thankfully we’ve put together some handy tips to help you get through it!

First of all, you will need:

• Your own toilet paper
• Anti-bacterial hand gel
• Wet wipes
• A torch
• Water
• Anti-diarrheal tablets
• A strong disposition

(Photo credit: www.videojug.com)

Learn to hover – You may need some strong thighs, or if you don’t, you will do by the time you leave the festival.

Wash your hands – Considering that most food you will eat a festival will not involve a lot of cutlery, make sure you wash your hands often. Keep an antibacterial gel in your pocket at all times! You don’t want an upset stomach at a festival…

Take a torch – You want to be sure where you are sitting at night time. If you can, make it a head torch – no chance of having to fish around on the floor – or worse – when you drop it!

Go in the morning – Most festival toilets are used over the course of the day and emptied over night. You do not want to go late into the evening, the stench would be at its peak!

But for a change of perspective: As disgusting and as embarrassing as some festival loo experiences may be over a matter of a few days, it’s got nothing on the 2.6 billion around the world for whom not having a hygienic and safe place to go to the toilet is a daily experience. Just imagine for a moment if everyone at Glastonbury had to go out in the open? Now imagine 2.6 billion people doing that every day!

So when you’re getting frustrated in the loo queue this festival season, waiting for what seems like hours, take a second to remember the millions of people who walk miles to get to a hole in the ground.

One of the latrines Toilet Twinning is helping to build.

For £60 you can twin your toilet and make all the difference in the world, to transform the lives of the poorest communities and give them somewhere safe to go to the loo. Just like festival toilet supplier Andyloos did last year by twinning some of their portable loos – so have a look out for them at this summer’s celebrations, send a photo to us if you spot them!

Stay safe and happy loo queuing!


  1. Don't forget the furthest ones are always the cleanest and ALWAYS worth the walk! Haha, If hovering doesn't work build a birds nest with TP!

  2. Haha nice tips!

    may i add to the list: a little bottle of hand sanitizer!

  3. haha the comment above is so true! This post has some really good advice!