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Monday, 10 January 2011

Guest Post for Big Bible Project: Using Digital Tools for Social Action

Toilet Twinning have recently been given the opportunity to write a guest blog post for the brilliant community site, Big Bible Project. The project promotes Bible reading within a community setting both online and offline, and is a great source of learning for social media and social action.

We were asked to write about digital tools for social action, using Toilet Twinning as an example.

So here it is, have a read! We were more than happy to contribute to this thriving online community.

Using Digital Tools for Social Action

We live our lives online.

We shop. We watch. We read. We share.

Looking for jobs. Looking for love. Looking for shoes.

The world is moving online, and that isn’t anything new to anyone. So if the days of window shopping can be replaced by the kind of windows you can minimize, surely the same digitalization is possible for the deeper aspects of humanity like religion, and charity?

Go deeper. Kindness, compassion, care.

As the digital village gets bigger and bigger, how can our Christian values translate online? The Bible says to care for the poor, to love our neighbour and to seek justice. How do we strive to do these things in an increasingly electronic world?...

Read the rest of the post on the Big Bible blog!

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