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Monday, 13 December 2010

Water and sanitation bringing hope in Burundi

Niyonzima Jnanvière is from the Rutana Province of Burundi. She is 33 years old, has seven children and walks 6 km every day to get clean water for her family.

After years in a refugee camp, Niyonzima returned home to nothing.

Innocent victims of a twelve-year civil war in Burundi caused by a political fight for power, thousands fled. They came back to land damaged by the fighting or taken by someone else; schools and homes razed to the ground and no means to earn a living.

Toilet Twinning partner Cord is helping Niyonzima and other refugees returning home to the Rutana Province of Burundi, rebuild their lives.

Niyonzima says ‘the achievement of the last year I am most proud of is to have a house covered with iron sheet and a decent latrine.”

More than just third world aid or the provision of the things we often take for granted, Niyonzima and her children are being equipped and empowered for the future, to ensure this transformation lasts.

Our water and sanitation programme in Burundi will make sure Niyonzima and her children stay healthy, and can look forward to a future full of hope. Niyonzima and others like her are the reason UK based charities Cord and Tearfund are partnering together on Toilet Twinning.

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  1. Hey,great to see your post.World Vision has been working in Burundi for more than five decades.Their work has changed from giving emergency relief to long haul development programs.To date,they bring hope and help to in excess of 150,000 children (out of which in excess of 19,000 sponsored children) and their communities in 14 Area Development Programs (Adps).This implies that communities have entry to quite required clean water,instruction,nourishment,health awareness and the opportunity to carry on with a life of totality.We work with the individuals who are the most helpless - the poor and the mistreated - paying little heed to the individual's religion,race,ethnicity or gender. Thank you.

    -Susan Scott.