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Friday, 11 January 2013


A few weeks into the new year, and time for a reality check on those bravely-made resolutions. Are you powering ahead nicely or is your enthusiasm and optimism beginning to waver? 

Optimism is a fine quality, especially if tempered with a healthy dose of realism. Optimists are natural adherents to the saying: ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. 

And sometimes life certainly does deal us some pretty lemon-y lemons. 

Photo (c) Hans Hillewaert
In the developed world, we are unlikely to have to live without basic necessities - such as flush toilets and running water -  for more than the duration of an emergency. But for many people on our planet this is the reality of daily life. 

Why some of us are born into relative wealth and others into relative poverty can either be regarded as a mystery or the luck of the draw, depending on your point of view. An optimist’s view would be that there is always hope of improvement. And thanks to toilet twinners - all 12,000 of you and rising - this hope and optimism can be transformed into reality. 

The Henderson family, who became our 10,000th twinners, show off their Toilet Twinning certificate .
Photo (c) Simon Henderson /www.mustardseedcards.co.uk
Twinning your toilet is a brilliant way to make a real difference to people’s lives. Through Toilet Twinning, your money and your optimism for a better world can be matched with the energy and the hope of the communities we work with.  And that adds up to a whole lot of proverbial lemonade.

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