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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Things my mother taught me

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, 3rd April! (I know, it comes around so fast!) As well as thinking about our own wonderful mums and showering them with gifts this weekend, we at Toilet Twinning have also been thinking about mums in very different parts of the world.

This Sunday, your mum might like a lovely new scarf or a bottle of her favourite perfume. In countries like Burundi in Africa, this Sunday and all other Sundays, more pressing on a mother's mind is likely to be ensuring her child doesn't get sick from dirty water, and for her family to have somewhere safe to go to the toilet for fear of disease or attack.

From a young age, our mothers teach us to flush the toilet, wash our hands and not to drink dirty water. They know the dangers. But mothers in countries like Burundi are simply not aware of the connection. The consequences of this is very dangerous - 4,000 children die every day due to diarrhea caused by unclean water and poor sanitation (World Health Organisation)

That’s one child every 20 seconds.

Ensuring that everyone has clean water and a safe place to go to the toilet is essential to the health of women and children, since children who lose their mother are ten times more likely to die before their second birthday.

But we can solve this problem. By twinning your toilet with Toilet Twinning, your £60 goes towards projects that promote good sanitation like washing your hands to mothers and whole communities, and goes towards building safe toilets for them to use.

Mother’s Day is a great time for celebration and giving generously to our mums, and it is also an opportunity to share this generosity with mums who live very different lives. So to celebrate this Mother’s Day, twin a toilet this weekend to give the gifts of hope and life to the rest of the world!

Photo credit: Denise Cummings, www.fineartamerica.com

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