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Monday, 14 February 2011

What Lovely Loos!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! No matter what your love status this 14th February, we think you'll still enjoy these incredibly loved-up latrines...

Couldn't you only bring these seats out once a year?

Seems pretty pointless. But you'd be sitting pretty nonetheless!

(From urbanjunkie.co.uk and squidoo.com)

These are just adorable, liven up your smallest room with some...cats and strawberries?
(From apartmenttherapy.co.uk)

For the couples who can't stop holding hands, aww. Or eww.
(noahquentingavin.blogspot.com and wiserep.com)

And of course, it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without some poetry...

Ode to Toilet

In sickness I have sought
your cooling grace
and you have received
without question or shame
the parts of my being
that I could no longer contain.

You have soothed
the cramping of my bar-torn body,
supported the thorough cleansing
of my noisy soul
when no one else would listen.

You have tolerated
all the vile projectiles
I could hurl,
always remaining constant
refreshing my view of life
allowing catharsis
epitomizing receptivity.

Oh Goddess of the Toilet
I thank you

(Niuka, 1999)

Amazing what you can find! Show us your toilet poems or pictures on the comments section!

Why not also twin your beloved bog this Valentine's Day and show your love to communities all over the world who don't have a safe place to go to the loo?

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